9 Which Is the Best Helium Miner Antenna

9 Which Is the Best Helium Miner Antenna

With different categories of information dispatch where your major objective is to obtain an indication, a high-frequency antenna will be effective since it focuses its acceptance as well as information in a leading way the two vertically and horizontally. This pointed guiding way put an end to intrusion entering from distinct paths. Directional antennas are advisable for Helium hotspots, in most cases. The objective of the Helium miner antenna is to widen the range of the configuration and to widen the coverage of the configuration, hotspots must be eligible to deliver and obtain from each way. At the time a high-frequency antenna can enhance the indication to one more hotspot, it would lessen your capacity to convey to different antennas in various ways. 

The anomaly will stand if you live in a mountain or ocean region where other miners can't be arranged. Then a transmitting aerial can be of privilege. 

Recommendations For Helium Miner Antenna 

You get wires that come with various protections.  At the time of putting in a wire joining your antenna and your miner results in some loss in gaining signal, the casualty could be maintained by at least 400-grade inferior casualty protection. For instance, an inexpensive RG-58 protected cord has a failure of above 2.9 dB at 19.9 feet for the 916 MHz band, considering the RFC-400 category protected cords have barely 0.7 dB penalty at the exact height. 

If you are interested and want perfect wires for your Bobcat 300, Nebra indoor miner or RAK2, and the 8 dbi outdoor helium miner antenna you can buy it from the list below:- 

  • RFC-195 (LMR-195 equivalent) RP-SMA male to N-male cable- 2.99 feet


  • CFD-240 (LMR-240 equivalent) RP-SMA male to N-male cable- 10 feet


  • CFD-400 (LMR-400 equivalent) RP-SMA male to N-male cable- 16 feet